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Deep cultative in the field of solar cells and panels Since 2009

As a leading solar power technology provider, PuDu SOLAR can help you every step of the way and to any extent with your entry into the solar business. We offer you customized services and help you develop the innovative solar products that suit your solar power application best – from consulting, raw material sourcing, custom design, quick sampling, and then mass production. lead generation to customer service after project completion.

Quality Product

High-quality solar cells and qualified encapsulation material.

Keep Innovation

Shaped & Flexible,BIPV Solar panels for various requirements and applications.

Complete System Supply

Offering solar modules, inverters, brackets, and components.

Custom Design

Design for the off-grid/On-Grid solar system

Min and Custom Design solar Production

Custom service

Thanks to our solar facility, we’re able to offer customized small areas solar panels for off-grid applications

What’s the minimum power per panel produce?

That’s saying we can soldering 6mm width solar cell. we can produce 3watt up as per customers’ design and request.

Can you offering customized panels?

Yes, We can customize any shape of solar panel in different voltages according to customers’ designs and solar application requests.

What’s the mini solar panels’application?

Thanks to our well-experienced engineers and designers, the panel voltage from 3V/6V/12V/18V/24V/36V and up.It can be used for solar lighting, solar brick, solar curtains, and other E-mobility devices.

Wide Range use of solar power applications

PUDUSOLAR offers tailor-made solar energy solutions

PuDu SOLAR offers tailor-made solutions ranging from individual solar panels to complete PV systems. For more than 14 years, PuDu SOLAR has continually shaped the development of solar energy as a source of regenerative energy.

PuDu SOLAR is a complete solar energy system provider that offers everything from consulting to maintenance under one roof. Whether supplying self-consumption systems to the commercial sector, private households that generate their own electricity via a complete photovoltaic system, or even entire solar parks. PuDu SOLAR can help develop a tailor-made, personalized concept that fits your needs and energy requirements while considering localized conditions.


Client’s support is the Best Reward

We got very good design of glass panels for marine application

Jiza Sikuanza

You guys offer me very professional solution of E-Mobility devices power supply! Many thanks!

Peter Monier

Your Bipv solar panel is what we wanted, it can use for facade and roof projects.

Sara Carter

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