Professional solar cell panel manufacturer

Small Size Solar Panel

Offer all kind of size and design of the small size solar panel for off-grid solar systems, such as solar street light, solar Maritime light Buoy,solar Waring light fo Tall building.power range from 3W-200Watt to cope with all customers’ requirement and solar application.  thanks to auto-solder and tabbing machine to help with our production capacity ramp up, qualify material encapsulated and flexible order quantity, we received very high satisfaction feedback from our customers all over the world.———————————————–


————————————–Qualify solar material

Solar cell

*Up to 20.2% efficiency , that is one of the most efficient poly cells in the 

*Tiny LID, that can ensure the Module permanently stable power.

*Strict check of hot-spot , avoiding loss of efficiency and reliability.

*The uniform color of the cell surface looks more beautiful.

Solar Frame

* Neat and beautiful fine lines on the surface. 
* National standard aluminum billets are adopted. 
* With our even anodizing process, which is adopted for protecting the  surface. 
* Seal-lip design glue injection
* Silver or black frames are optional
* Serrated-clip design tensile strength
* Boost bearing capability and prolong service life
PV Junction Box
* Heat dissipation
* Long service life
* IP67 Protection level 
* Quality diode ensures module running safety
* Serrated-clip design tensile strength
* Cable length optional  * Mc4 compatible connectors
Solar EVA
* High transparency solar EVA from Tier 1 manufacturer.
* Excellent PID free properties;
* Superior weather-ability;
* Superior anti – Snail – Trace performance;
* Excellent adhesion to glass and back sheet;
* UV Cut off for good light reflection;